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Resilience building residential

Easter 2022 was long anticipated after a long wait due to Covid restrictions had scuppered our plans to go on

residential in 2020. The residential took place at Wiston Lodge in Biggar and was funded through the North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership for which we, and the young people involved are very grateful.

8 young people took part in the 5 day residential which had a focus on building resilience and increasing team building, problem solving, social and outdoor skills

as well as improving health and wellbeing.

The residential gave these young people a new experience, being away from home for the first time and allowed them to be challenged physically, emotionally and mentally.

Every day meant action packed fun, full of challenge and a need for the young people to push themselves to their limits to achieve what they set their minds to. We enjoyed a hillwalk on Tinto Hill, Bushcraft, Archery, Problem soling, Low ropes courses, wall climbing, high pole climbs, the very scary Jacobs Ladder and water sports. The favourite being the slip'n'slide!

Aside from all of the inevitable fun to be had on an activities residential it is the incredible growth that we see in young people that is our favourite. Their team work, the empathy they show to one another, the screaming the most motivational words at their pals climbing very high poles and their self-discovery and development. Being able to head off on adventures with a group of young people who have missed out on so much due to restrictions was wonderful and something we hope to replicate again and again.

Some of the lovely words the young people said can be read below.

But we think you'll agree that some of these images sum it all up beautifully. What a bunch of incredible young men! :)

'This trip pushed me to go out my comfort zone and I loved it'

'Try and if you do not succeed, try and try again'

'I'm learning to build more resilience and cope with hard situations better'

'This place was so nice, I loved it and would come back. Thanks for bringing us'

'This trip encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone mentally and physically'

'It was great and I had a good time and I don't want to go home'

'I'm not scared of heights anymore'

'Residential has made me more open minded about things going on around me and for my future'

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