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Past Projects


Teenage Kicks

The YOUth Culture Project was a two year project funded by the Young Roots Heritage Lottery Fund to research Youth Culture in North Berwick and the surrounding villages from 1945-2015.


Four groups of young people worked with a project leader, film makers and graphic designers to gather information and artefacts for three pop-up exhibitions and create a final exhibition at The Coastal Communities Museum.

Young people created this short film around youth provision in North Berwick as part of their successful ‘Young Roots’ Application. 

Exhibition Films:

Boredom, BBQ’s and Butterflies


Click here to view a film of the final exhibition.



In October 2012 our first team of youth volunteers travelled to Rwanda in Africa. They volunteered in a rural school and community in Bugasera in Eastern Rwanda. Since then a total of 29 young people have taken part in this incredible opportunity.

The opportunity was made accessible to all young people. Fundraising for at least a year before travelling meant that costs to young people were kept low. Each group had to commit to fundraising up to £24,000 in order to travel to the Rwandan community and to fund work while they were there.

Young people who took part in the projects experienced a life changing opportunity and many went on to volunteer in other countries or at home. Their views were changed and they moved into adulthood memories which they will carry with them through their lives.


Café in the Lodge


The Café in the Lodge was our Social Enterprise. Situated at the pavilion in the Lodge Grounds in North Berwick, it was a seasonal café which opened in the summer holidays. The café employed young people, developing young leaders and encouraging volunteers all aged between 12 and 18 years old.

The young people received training in Health and Hygiene, Customer Service and Catering. Young people gained Saltire Awards as well as increasing their employability skills. Most gained employment at other establishments locally throughout the year.

The café ceased to operate in 2019 following a lack of funding to pay for the premises.

On Our Wave Length

The On Our Wave Length initiative was launched with YouthLink Scotland. Teams of young people from around Scotland investigated environmental consequences on beaches and waters of their local coasts. After seeing the impact of litter on local wildlife, six members of North Berwick Youth Project chose to investigate plastic pollution.

The Project was youth led and the group took ownership on how their project and research was carried out. They chose to work with the Scottish Seabird Centre to learn about the coastal environment and to gain new information and evidence. They attended talks and invited GreenPeace and the Scottish Marine Society to give talks based around the research points they chose.


Unfortunately due to Covid, the group were unable to present their story at the Scottish Storytelling Centre as they had hoped but instead shared a film they created with YouthLink Scotland.

This was shown at a digital storytelling event and at the Scottish Seabird Centre. Part of their film also featured on the BBC’s Newsround.


Guided Self-Help

Guided Self-Help (GSH) was developed by CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) as a programme for young people who are experiencing poor mental health. 

The Guided Self-Help service was available to all young people in the area who experienced mild to moderate difficulties with their mood or anxiety. Referrals were made through North Berwick High School, North Berwick Youth Project, other professionals and by local GPs.


The Guided Self-Help service is no longer available through the Youth Project, however due to its success it has been implemented across the local authority.


Referrals are now made through Guidance Teachers at high school. 

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