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  • Who is the Youth Project for?
    It is for all young people. We do our best to provide the activities that the young people want and are always pleased to hear if a young person has a special interest or ideas.
  • What age do young people have to be to come to the Youth Project?
    They have to be at least in Primary 7 and then they can attend until they are 18. Help with employability can continue up to 24.
  • Are there any charges?
    Most of our activities are free. We do have to charge for trips in the holidays, but there is a bursary for families who might require extra support with this. We do not want cost to be a barrier to any young person attending the Youth Project.
  • How do I apply for the Bursary?
    Just contact us and we will send you the details. We can help you to complete the relevant forms. All the information provided is kept in the strictest confidence.
  • How will I be kept up to date with what’s going on?
    We have a mailing list, Whatsapp chat, and update Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) regularly.
  • I am worried about my child, what can I do?"
    We are here to support young people and their families as much as we can. Contact us and we can chat through support options or suggest other organisations or avenues which might best suit your child.
  • What is ZAP group and is my child eligible?
    ZAP group is a youth club for young people with additional support needs. The group is kept small to ensure that staff can provide the best possible support and experiences for those attending. Age ranges are mixed as are the members abilities and interests. We do not offer personal care. Young people will be offered a trial to ensure that the group fits them and their needs.
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