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We are looking to recruit new Board members. If you feel you have a skillset or have an interest in supporting young people and our services please contact Lauren.

Board Members


Ian has been involved with the Youth Project since the 1980s. As Chair, he has led it through some challenging times, to a position where it is well established in the local community. He is a member of the North Berwick Community Council and a director of North Berwick Trust and of the North Berwick Community Development Company.

He was also a Coastguard for over 20 years. As an electrician by trade, he is often seen helping out at community events such as the Highland Games and Christmas Lights. Ian’s long devotion to the community and young people in particular is outstanding.

Sue Spence
Vice Chair and Child Protection Officer

Sue has been involved with the Youth Project since the 1980s and has given it the benefit of her vast experience of working with young people.

Until recently she was a Counsellor at North Berwick High School and she continues to work for Children First.

Irene Galloway

Irene has been involved with the project since the 1980s. The project has greatly benefitted from her passion for young people and the need to provide proper facilities for them. She was a member of the Lime Grove Community Asset Transfer Group, which had hoped to provide enhanced youth provision.

Keith Lawson

Keith has been Treasurer for the project since 2010 and his financial experience is invaluable. He is a Credit Risk Manager and ensures that the project’s finances are all in order.

Lisa McClure

Lisa joined the project in 2010, when she was a Modern Studies teacher at North Berwick High School. She helped the project to become involved in delivering the Curriculum for Excellence and this really deepened the project’s relationship with the School. Our partnership working continues to be a fundamental part of what we do.

Lisa currently works at Meadowpark, which supports learners on the Autism Spectrum. 

Tracey O’Connor

Tracy is the parent of one of the young people who use the project and joined in 2019. As well as bringing her invaluable experience of that role, she also runs a nursery and so has advice to offer about how best to run a successful organisation.

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