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NBYP + The Surfskate Academy

A Surfskate is a skateboard for surfing the street. Surfskates use specially-designed front trucks with a rotating arm that enable riders to mimic the movements, feel, and flow of surfing waves. It's the closest experience you can get to gliding down and carving a wave - but it's also really fun!

Surfskates were originally invented by surfers who wanted something to do on flat days and in Scotland, although we can have very good waves, there is a lack of consistency and of course...there is also the cold weather! Surfskating is being embraced more and more by non-surfers.

Sebastian Jimenez, an ex professional skateboarder and surfer, has spent years studying and obsessing over technique in skateboarding and surfing and is now putting all that knowledge into SurfSkate training. Seb grew up in Uruguay South America and now lives in Scotland where he runs The SurfSkate Academy.

We asked some of our young people if they would want to try Surfskate and a group was formed to take part in a block of lessons with The Surfskate Academy.

Seb says, "I have worked as a surf instructor and surf coach for years in surf schools in Europe, Central America and South America. Being able to pass on my experience and see progress in people is something I really enjoy. Everybody is welcome, from beginner to advanced!"

Well, we certainly felt welcome and had so much fun. Thanks so much to Seb for creating a space for young people to feel safe, confident, resilient and happy during sessions. We hope to see you again one day :)

Check out our insta here to see how NBYP got on!

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