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Our NBYP Fabulous Fun Recipe Book

During the first lockdown we had to move our weekly Cooking Club online. We meet on Zoom every Tuesday where a young person takes the role as the Head Chef and demonstrates how to make their chosen dish. Ingredients are delivered to the young people's houses.

We had been posting the dishes on Facebook and had quite a few comments from teachers at North Berwick High School and people in the North Berwick community saying they’d love to see us create a recipe book. We had previously tried to gather recipes and had the intention of creating the book before summer but we were extremely busy and never got round to chasing it up.

Around a month ago we decided that it would be an fantastic idea to create the recipe book in time for Christmas as it would make a great stocking filler. We contacted David and Judith Booth of Booth Creative and asked if they would be able to assist as they recently helped us design our amazing new logo and website. We didn’t have a lot of time but thankfully the parents of the young people who take part in cookery were very quick at replying to our emails asking for their recipes!

We received our finished recipe books last week and couldn't be happier with them!

The book includes 5 starters and light bites, 11 mains and 5 sweet treats.

Recipes include; “Charlie’s locked and loaded nachos”

“Linus’ Lush Chorizo and Sausage Rolls”

“Max’s out of the blue fish pie”

“Beth’s Cajun sensation chicken pasta”

“NBYP Biscuity Chocolate Truffles”

“Angie’s Amazing bounty muffins”

The recipe book are priced at £6.50 each or £6 each if buying more than 1.

If you are interested in buying one please get in touch with either Beth ( or Lauren (

Our recipe books are also now in whynot? on the High Street priced at £6.50 each.

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