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October Holiday spooktacular events

This October Holiday break we booked a spooky week of activities across the full week. We launched with a Baking and movie day where we made a delicious afternoon tea of scones, traybakes and gingerbread cookies. The Tuesday really got us spooked out at EdinburghDungeons with stories of witch trials and Sawney Bean who is said to have cannibalised over 1,000 with his clan in the 16th Century! Scary Stuff.

We got creative on Wednesday with a day filled with tie dye, porcelain and glass painting and a trip to #FingersandThumbs to create some professional witch pieces, plates, bowls and mugs which got glazed and fired in the kiln so they will last forever.

On Thursday we headed to the #OmniCentre and watched #AddamsFamily 2 at the #VueCinema. The film was brilliant and our favourite character was Wednesday.

Perhaps the scariest of all and a great end to the week, we spent Friday with the #AuldReekieTours at the underground #EdinburghVaults and learned about the frightening lives that those who lived in the underground streets had endured. Some of the group were brave enough to jump into the stone circle which is said to stir up ghosts from the past!

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