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Keeping Cool, Calm and Connected

Over the last 6 weeks Beth and Lauren have been delivering Cool Calm and Connected to three S1 PSE classes at the high school. CCC is a six-week course promoting emotional health and well-being. The course aims to bring young people together to explore what can influence their mental health and their emotional well-being in hope that they will be able to take onboard this information and learning in order to implement positive choices regarding their own mental health and emotional well-being.

At the end of the last session, we asked the pupils to fill out an evaluation form. We had some really positive feedback including:

“It was really helpful and interesting”

“It was good to learn about and understand feelings and how the brain works”

“I really liked the interactive stuff we did, this helped me to understand more”

“The course was amazing, thank you for teaching us!”

Next week, Beth and Lauren will be back in school delivering the sessions to another three S1 PSE classes.

It is so important for us to be honest and open about our mental health. Mental health support and guidance can be accessed directly through speaking to your, or your child’s, guidance teacher. At the Youth Project we currently offer 1:1 wellbeing walks during school term time. If you think that this is something you, or your child, would benefit from please get in touch.

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